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about the network

The BICBP Radio Network is a collective of artists, writers, musicians and creators that all share a love of podcasting. The network gives each of these shows a platform to do what they love and the freedom in how they do it. Each podcast is owned by their respective creators and in no way represents the thoughts or beliefs of the BICBP Radio Network.


history creeps podcast

Johnny Townsend, Carter Johnson and Chris Chavez dive into the strange and mysterious crevices of history and explore the creepy tales and stories they forgot to teach in history class. This podcast also features a bi-weekly sister show, That's Odd in which Chris and Johnny touch on some of the odder people and events of the past.

Retro Blissed.jpg

Retro blissed

Johnny Townsend and Trevor Franklin are life-long best friends who share a love of video games. Focusing on retro systems such as Atari, Nintendo, Sega Genesis and more, Trevor and Johnny play, review and grade each of their 8-bit to 64-bit games one at a time.


You Break it, you pod it

Artist Drew Lopez and musician Zeke Meza take an unapologetic approach when discussing everything pop culture via table discussions, games, celebrity guests, and impersonations.


abnormal times

Sure, news headlines are full of stories that range from politics to sports to celebrities. But, if you look a bit closer, you'll find stories that are a little more weird, humorous and just plain strange. Join Johnny Townsend, Brandon Fuller and Chris Chavez as they explore these Abnormal Times.


Power Rangers in CyberSpace

Shawn Fritz and Christian Ingram talk about everything you've ever wanted and didn't want to know about Power Rangers, from pop culture to episode reviews, and much more.


Hardly Awesome Podcast

Each week, Chris Chavez, Anthony Mullen and Brandon Fuller discuss the things that interest them most - comics, movies, TV, science, history, and more. If you already know the guys from Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, you know what you're getting yourself into. If you're new to the show, welcome! But, don't expect too much... I mean, they did name the show Hardly Awesome Podcast!


Cellar Dwellers

Kevin Golding and John Sebold talk Buffalo sports and more from a Buffalo-centric point of view. Appropriately recorded in a basement somewhere in Buffalo, New York.


The Dusty Finish

Dale Headlock and Tate Suplex, two professional wrestling veterans revisit and review old school wrestling pay-per-views on the WWE Network, utilizing years of in and out of ring experience to analyze and break down some of the (sort of) greatest matches to ever take place in the squared circle.


Vinyl Divers Podcast

Join Anthony Mullen each week as he reviews albums he picks up at his local record shops. From iconic albums to blind picks to unexpected gems, he listens to and discusses these records with a revolving door of guest hosts. So dust off that old stack of vinyl and get diving!


Johnny Townsend's Horrid Movie Reviews

Johnny Townsend is not a fan of horror movies. He will NOT watch them. However, he is a fan of podcasting and improv. So, why shouldn't he start a new show in which he reviews horror movies based solely on the trailer? I mean, it only makes sense, right?


Hardly Kayfabe

Hardly Kayfabe is a weekly wrap up of the WWE's RAW, Smackdown Live and NXT programs. Join Chris Chavez, Brandon Fuller and Johnny Townsend each week as they discuss the matches, story lines and superstars that make the headlines and keep the fans coming back for more.