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Suicide Squad hit the theaters and the guys made sure they had seats to one of this summer's most anticipated movies. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Boomerang, Killer Croc and the rest of the Squad have arrived in the DC Cinematic Universe. Did it live up to the hype? Did Chris walk out of the theater feeling like he did after BvS? Can Anthony stop weeping long enough to give his thoughts on the film? You're just going to have to grab issue 101 of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast to find out! 


100! Back Issues Comic Book Podcast celebrates with an all-star guest line up of Reno Msad, Johnny Townsend, Drew Lopez and Will Rodriguez! This week, the guys discuss all the big news to come out of this year's San Diego Comic Con, least of which was the surprise unveiling of the Justice League trailer. Then, Anthony and Brandon choose their teams as they square off to see who knows their own podcast best! Also, in celebration of the 100th episode, the guys give away Uncanny X-Men 212 and Ms Marvel 18, both signed by Chris Claremont. This is one key issue you do NOT want to miss! Grab your issue today!


This week, the guys return for another campfire edition of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast and there is much to talk about! Images of Wally West debuted online for the upcoming season of CW's The Flash and the guys speculate on what Flashpoint could mean for all of DC's television properties. Also in this issue, the guys review Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, All New Super-Man, Nightwing Rebirth and take a look back at Flash Comics 1. All this, plus they review and react to Civil War II 3, arguably the month's most talked about book. Grab your issue today!

This week, the guys comment on the explosion of Pokemon Go and how it has affected all facets of life. Also, the leaked Marvel NOW images are examined and dissected, Anthony gets his head shaved, and the guys present their Team of Six. All this, plus the ingesting of Starburst wrappers. 

Disclaimer: Do NOT attempt to eat Starburst wrappers as part of a healthy diet. Or ANY diet, for that matter! And, as always, GRAB YOUR ISSUE TODAY!

This week, the guys attempt to drag Anthony away from Pokemon Go long enough to talk about the release of the new game and the dangers involved. They also discuss Marvel's upcoming Death of X, missing Marvel mutants, WWE partnering with BOOM! Studios, and the upcoming Champions (or Young Avengers 2.0). All this, plus a look back at Action Comics 1! Grab your issue today!


This week, the guys discuss Bryan Cranston as Zordon, Marvel's upcoming "Divided We Stand" cast of characters, which superheros would make the best presidents, Black Mask Studios's 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, and a look back at Detective Comics 27. All this, plus, learn how you can get a chance to win Incredible Hulk 271! Grab your issue NOW!!!!

This week, the guys discuss the Justice League teases released this week, the plans for a Flashpoint season 3 of CW's The Flash, a new power for Green Lanterns, and Civil War II #2. Much to say with little time to lose! Grab your issue today!

This week, Chris and Brandon finally kick Anthony out of the studio and welcome Johnny Townsend (Retro Bliss, History Creeps) back to the show. On the agenda: E3 and the announcements of PS3's Batman: Arkham VR and a new Spider-Man game for the console, as well as Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Also, Donald Glover joins the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Mark Millar and Greg Capullo get Reborn, and the guys discuss superhero parodies. This is one of those must have issues! Get yours today!

What happens when you take a pizza joint, add a comic book shop, mix in a full bar, throw in a splash of karaoke and blend with cosplayers from all over the Buffalo area? It's the Cosplay Karaoke Special recorded live from Grand Island, New York's Say Cheese Pizza and Comic Book Cafe. Want to hear Anthony attempt Great White and Eminem tracks? This is the issue you've been waiting for. Grab yours today!

This week, a new trailer for the Batman v Superman extended cut drops featuring unseen footage. Also, the guys react to IDW and Hasbro merging the toyline's different universes. DC's Rebirth has arrived, as has Marvel's Civil War II, and the guys get into both publishers' summer events. Finally, X-Men Apocalypse hit the theaters but didn't hit the happy button for one of the guys. Check out this issue to find out exactly what they thought of the latest from Fox. Grab your copy today!

This week, the guys check out the new Star Trek Beyond trailer before getting into the latest Thor Ragnarok casting news. Then they discuss Scooby Apocalypse 1, the Joker revelation in Justice League 50, the beginnings of Civil War II in issue 0, and the grand scope of DC's Rebirth. All this, plus a conversation with DJ Danny D, and a call for a Deadpool happy birthday. This is one issue you do NOT want to miss! Grab your copy today!

This week, the guys discuss Margot Robbie pitching an all-female comic book movie, DC's logo change, another new Ghostbusters trailer, more executive shakeups at Warner Brothers, and New York Comic Con's new "fan verification" procedures. The guys also review Prince of Pieces, and Anthony accidentally stumbles onto a new t-shirt idea. Grab your issue today!

This week, the guys check out the new Assassin's Creed trailer, discuss the news of Agent Carter's cancellation, as well as Supergirl's move to CW. The guys then get into Civil War II, Spider-Man's Dead No More, the end of the Snyder/Capullo run on Batman, Punisher's new series and what berserker Wolverine would be like on screen. As always, grab your issue before they're all gone!

This week, the guys are joined by artist and Retro Bliss co host Johnny Townsend as they discuss this year's selection of comics offered on Free Comic Book Day. They also give their thoughts on Ben Affleck's new role as executive producer of Justice League before taking a look at this year's inductees into the Video Game Hall of Fame. Finally, the guys jump headfirst into a spoiler-filled review of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. Did they like it better than Batman v Superman (aka Beavis)? You'll have to grab this issue to find out! Get yours before they're all gone!

This week, the guys react to the news of the sudden death of Prince and reflect on his contribution to the comic book world through the 1989 Batman soundtrack. The guys also check out and break down the final X-Men Apocalypse trailer and give their thoughts on what Fox seems to be serving up next month. Grab your issue today!

This week, the guys reluctantly get into another trailer, this one being the newly released Doctor Strange. The guys also discuss the news of Michael Keaton's casting for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Willem Defoe for Justice League. Also in this issue, weird and quirky facts about Marvel and DC comics you may not have known, as well as a list of legendary comic book battles. The guys also give away, not one, but TWO copies of the Black Panther hip hop variant! Want to know who won? Grab your issue today!

This week, the guys are joined in studio by artist Will Rodriguez as he promotes his newest release The Supernal Event. They discuss the new Star Wars Rogue One trailer, as well as the newest Suicide Squad trailer. Also, is there any truth to the rumor that Disney paid critics to bash Batman v Superman? Plus, find out how to win a Black Panther 1 hip hop variant paying homage to Jay-Z's Black Album. You're not going to want to miss this issue. Grab your copy while you can!!!!

This week, the guys take a look at the Killing Joke teaser trailer and discuss the news of massive rewrites underway for Suicide Squad. Also, Chris watched Batman v Superman again and has a little more to say, the guys visited Buffalo Comic Con's Spring Edition and Brandon added more books to his collection. All this, plus a new game is introduced to decide the winner of Spider-Woman #1. Grab your issue today!

Trump? Sanders? Clinton? Those debates don't hold a candle to the heated exchanges between fans and critics of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman. This week the guys are joined by special guest Reno Msad on this super-sized issue to weigh in on DC's attempt at taking on ten years of Marvel cinematic history. Whether you loved it or hated it or just felt plain meh about it, there's no denying this film has created quite the buzz. Also, the last half of Daredevil season 2 and DC's Rebirth round out this week's issue. Grab your copy before it's gone!

This week, the guys talk about a new upcoming Batman game from Telltale, look for superhero murder mystery party games, discuss animated comic book movies, and give away Frank Miller's The Elektra Saga. Also, the guys get into the first five episodes of the new season of Daredevil while Anthony continues to push for war with another podcast. Grab your issue today!

This week, the guys discuss the appearance of a certain friendly neighborhood wall crawler in the newest Captain America: Civil War trailer, debate which comic book character has the best origin story, and announce the winner of the Reno Msad Batman print giveaway. Also, a comic book Survivor Series makes its debut on the show and Anthony has a sit down (Godfather style) to answer for his past transgressions. This is one issue you don’t want to miss! Grab your copy today!

This week, the guys return to the mics a little worse for wear, but overall having survived the killer flu that has wiped out most of civilization (not really). Will Rodriguez is in the studio to promote his new website and debut a special commercial made specially for the podcast. He and the guys discuss the Iron Fist casting controversy, the new Ghostbusters trailers, and Sony's plans to move forward with a Venom film. Grab your issue today!

This week, the guys discuss a couple of comic book shows on the way to network prime time. NBC delves into the DC Universe with their upcoming Office-style program Powerless. Not to be outdone, Marvel and ABC team up for a planned Damage Control television series. The guys also watch the new 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer, share their thoughts on the Power Rangers and play a game that Anthony may or may not have stolen from another podcast. Okay, who are we kidding? He stole it. Check it all out in this newest issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast!

This week, the guys discuss the new Daredevil trailer and all the Punisher goodness packed inside! Speaking of trailers, the final Batman v Superman trailer dropped and the guys are having Arkham Origins flashbacks. Also in this issue, Geoff Johns expands on DC's upcoming Rebirth, artist shout outs, Miles Morales returns in Spider-Man #1 and the Merc with the Mouth breaks records at the box office. Get your issue today!

This week, nerd culture takes over the Super Bowl and the guys are joined by Dan Chavez in breaking down some of the comic world's most expensive TV spots. Also, the Winchester Mystery House, Mark Twain, Anthony kills at Deadpool trivia and a Paper, Rock, Scissors throwdown that will go down in Back Issues history! This is one issue you do NOT want to miss!

This week, the guys talk about the plans for DC Comics to revamp Hanna-Barbera properties, the CW's planned Flash/Supergirl crossover, Ren and Stimpy, and the geek props they'd like to see on eBay. All this, plus the answer to how the Hulk passes an 18-wheeler! Get your issue today!

This week, the guys talk Buddy Christ, dead  Spider-characters, another DC relaunch, Scott Snyder leaving Batman, Jaden Smith's acting, and plans for internet radio domination. Oh yeah, Napoleon Dynamite stops by. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch check it out! Get your issue today!

This week, the guys broadcast the show live just after the new Suicide Squad trailer drops and they can't wait to discuss all the new footage. They also address the movement started to get a PG-13 rated Deadpool, as well as discuss Ryan Reynolds dropping hints at a Cable/Deadpool film, the possibilities of a Marvel/Star Wars crossover, and the conclusion of Secret Wars. All this, plus Anthony and Chris match wits at a new comic book trivia game. You're not going to want to miss this issue! Get yours today!

This week, artist Drew Lopez returns and the guys don't waste any time getting into the latest comic book news. Infinity War promises over 67 characters, Civil War II promises to kill off a major player in the Marvel Universe and the Russians get in on the superhero movie game. All this, plus Anthony goes "Say Anything" to Taylor Swift. You can't miss this issue! Get yours today!

For the first recording of the New Year, the guys look back on 2015 and discuss some of the best comic books, movies and TV shows the year had to offer. They also reflect on some of their favorite moments of the podcast and look forward to a new year of exciting prospects for the show. Keep your New Year's resolution and listen to more podcasts! Well, this one, specifically. Get your issue today!

In this week's episode, Will Rodriguez drops by to challenge the guys on their over zealous love of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Then, they guys watch and talk about the newest Deadpool trailer before discussing the cool geek related gifts they each received for Christmas. Also, there's a chance Anthony drops a few rhymes in this issue! Grab yours today!

Star Wars The Force Awakens opened with record shattering numbers and Back Issues Comic Book Podcast made sure to snag a seat to the show. In this episode, Johnny Townsend once again joins the guys in a SPOILER filled episode discussing everything they experienced and witnessed. Warning, if you have not seen the movie, this issue of the show is SPOILER filled! Seriously. SPOILER FILLED. Don't say we didn't warn ya. Now, grab your issue and dive right in to the Back Issues Comic Book Podcast Star Wars The Force Awakens Special. By the way, did we mention this one is SPOILER FILLED????

This week, Chris and Anthony are joined by Johnny Townsend as they try to make sense of all the movie trailers that have flooded the Interwebs in recent days. X-Men: Apocalypse, TMNT 2, Independence Day: Resurgence, Star Trek Beyond, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the 12 Days of Deadpool are all addressed. Also, the guys have a look at holiday gift ideas for geeks before jumping into an intense game of Who Said That Sh*t?! You do NOT want to miss this issue! Grab yours today!

This week, the guys discuss the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows trailer featuring a look at two long-awaited fan favorites, Bebop and Rocksteady, and the reaction they received from around the Internet. Also in this issue, episodes 4, 5 and 6 of Jessica Jones, Secret Wars 8, and the guys admit some of their guilty pleasures. Grab your copy today!

On this week's Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, the guys get into the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, putting to rest a wild fan theory while giving their thoughts on seeing Doomsday and DC's holy trinity on screen at the same time. As if that wasn't enough Batman, the guys take a look at the long awaited Dark Knight III The Master Race. Also in this issue, the guy discuss the first three episodes of Marvel's Jessica Jones. Killgrave says you WANT to listen to this episode NOW!

This week, with special guest artist Will Rodriguez, the guys geek out over the debut of the Captain America Civil War trailer and the long awaited look at the Black Panther in action. The response to the new Jessica Jones series on Netflix, which actress would make a better Wonder Woman, and the worst M. Night Shyamalan movies are all covered, as well as reviews for Klaus and Huck. Grab your issue today!

In this issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, the guys discuss the 1978 DC classic Superman vs Muhammad Ali and the price tag placed on it by a popular "reality" TV program. Also in this issue, Disney's Star Wars movie plans, The Mighty Thor Cosplay Cover variant, Vertigo's Unfollow, and Marvel's Secret Wars 7. Plus, find out exactly what Anthony thinks of Jason Aaron's Goddamned. Grab your copy today!

This week, the guys discuss the arrival of Fallout 4, one of the most anticipated video games of the decade. Pipboys and nuclear winters out of the way, the guys then discuss the (potential) return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, pick apart CBR's fan-voted top 100 Marvel and DC character master list, play a quick preview of an upcoming game segment, and explore the origins of the Melbourne shuffle. All this, plus Christopher Walken may or may not make an appearance! You'll have to get your issue to find out!

In this week's issue, the guys discuss more crazy fan theories, this time concerning one of fandom's most loathed characters and his possible role in the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens. In related news, the guys talk about real life imitating art as a terminally ill fanboy reveals his dying wish. Also in this issue, the Preacher trailer premiered, dynamic comic book writer/artist duos, more plans for the future of the podcast and Anthony thinks twice about attending a cosplay party that may or may not be a front for a black market kidney harvesting operation. Grab your issue today!

The Back Issues Comic Book Podcast Halloween Special is here and it's jam-packed with all kinds of spooky goodness! First, the guys decide to go trick or treating with their pals Bobby and Johnny from the Into Oblivion podcast and they encounter some interesting characters along the way. Then, it's time to get down to business. The guys waste no time talking about the final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. And as if that's not enough, they decide to tackle one of the wildest Batman v Superman fan theories to date. Plans for 2016, a new segment of sharing, and Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham round out this haunted holiday special! Get your issue NOW!!!

This week, the guys reflect on their New York Comic Con experience and their impressions of the city. And since it's the month of Halloween, the guys discuss their favorite horror movie baddies before getting into the news that Fox is planning two new X-Men related TV shows, Legion and Hellfire Club. The guys also discuss the Moon Knight Netflix rumor that just won't die. All this, plus a spoiler filled review of Secret Wars 6. Get your issue today!!!

This week, the guys attempt to welcome Daniel Chavez back to the show, only to be faced with technical difficulties. Skype issues aside, the guys soldier on and welcome the month of October with a discussion on their favorite scary movies. They also give their thoughts and comments on rumors that Disney and Marvel intend to crack down on artists selling fan art of licensed properties, the sordid sexual harassment allegations at Dark Horse, and they take a look at Mike Mignola for the first of the special October features. Grab your copy today!

This week Into Oblivion's Johnny Townsend fills in for Brandon and the madness kicks in from the get go! In this issue, the guys get into the overwhelming popularity and origin of Gwenpool, the return of NBC's Heroes, and Robert Kirkman's Invincible. Also in this issue, the first appearance of MC Wedgie! This is one you've got to hear to believe!

Sitting around a warm crackling fire on a crisp fall evening, the guys bring you a special Fireside Chat issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast. With no real agenda in mind, the guys get into some deep conversations about space travel and the speed of light. Not that they stray too far from comics. Red Tornado, 12 new books from Vertigo, Plutona #1, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Anthony as Weapon X and a petting zoo are all a part of this toasty on location issue! Grab your copy now!

On this week’s issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, Chris tells the guys about his experience as a guest on the Into Oblivion podcast. He also recounts the tie between Paul Walker and Abraham Lincoln as well as his feeble attempts at a Vin Diesel impression. The guys then discuss a newly opened Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto and pitch their ideas for other comic book themed bars. Also, the CW revealed the costumes for Hawkman and Hawkgirl and the guys weigh in with their thoughts. Secret Wars 6 gets pushed back, AGAIN, and the guys take a look back at the Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross classic Marvels. All this, plus details on how to get a chance at winning Wolverine #1 for as little as $1! Grab this action packed issue today!

This week, the guys get a better understanding of the behind the scenes operation of the Into Oblivion Podcast with cohost and producer Bobby Capobianco. Chris and Anthony recount their respective meetings with Wonder Woman creative team Meredith and David Finch. Marvel unveils a new Hulk and the guys weigh in on the character's new identity. All this, plus the guys run down each of their Top 5 Impactful Deaths lists! Grab this action-packed issue today!

This week the guys pay tribute to the late Wes Craven and talk about the franchise that launched him into the national spotlight. Also, the guys discuss some of the creepier characters in comics, Marvel extends Secret Wars, some sweet art arrives in the mail, and they review Dark Horse's new title This Damned Band. Grab your action packed issue today!

This week, the guys are joined by artist extraordinaire and cohost of the Into Oblivion Podcast Johnny Townsend. On the agenda: the Green Arrow flies high at Summer Slam, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty battle it out through the centuries, and the guys reveal their Top 10 Villains list! This one's not for the faint of heart! Grab your copy today!

In this week's issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, the guys reflect on the attempt at staying up for 24 hours to watch comic book films, take a moment to acknowledge the passing of an icon in the Batman universe, and review Marvel's 2011 five issue limited series 5 Ronin. Grab your copy today!

Back Issues Comic Book Podcast is back this week with the 24 Hour Comic Book Movie Marathon! An ambitious undertaking from the start, the guys settle in and attempt to watch 12 comic book movies in a row. Packed with Sriracha torture, sweet comic book giveaways, hilarious reviews and delirious commentary, this is the issue you do NOT want to miss!

What do you do when the Deadpool trailer debuts while in the process of recording a podcast? Get this question answered in this week’s issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast. For episode 51, the guys get a sneak peek at Saints, an upcoming Image book that delves into the world of good vs evil. They also give an advance review of the upcoming Dark Horse book The Paybacks, a book about a team of superhero repo men. Oh yeah, and the Deadpool trailer dropped. Grab your copy today!

Episode 50 is here and the guys are not letting sound issues stop them from delivering another issue for the masses! This week, the guys are joined by artists Will Rodriguez and Drew Lopez. Together, they discuss a rumor swirling within Marvel Studios, Chris Pine joining Wonder Woman (much to the woes of Green Lantern fans), Channing Tatum planning on leaving Gambit and a run down of the films to be included in the upcoming Back Issues 24hr comic movie marathon. Get yours today!

Issue 49 is here and the guys are taking a closer look at the official release of the Suicide Squad trailer from SDCC and talking theories on Jared Leto's Joker. Also, Storm, Psylocke and Apocalype (or is that Ivan Ooze?) grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly, Marvel announces hip hop variant covers for their October releases, Archie takes on Sharknado (yes, you heard right!) and the guys talk Ant Man. Grab your issue today!

The second part of the San Diego Comic Con 2015 Special continues with the guys getting into the news of a Green Lantern film reboot with multiple Lanterns, X-Men: Apocalypse teaser info, a Deadpool trailer and crossover, Wesley Snipes back as Blade, an Old Man Logan film tease, Ed Piskor represents and a behind the scenes look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Oh, and West Coast Brandon continues his tirades. Check out the newest issue today!

This year's San Diego Comic Con was filled with so much comic book awesomeness, the guys couldn't wait to start talking about what went down over the weekend! The first of this two part special covers most of the Bat news to come out of this weekend's event. The Batman v Superman trailer was officially released, Ben Affleck was named director and co writer of an upcoming Batflick, The Killing Joke gets animated, Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert take on Dark Knight III: The Master Race, the Suicide Squad teaser gets leaked to the interwebs and IDW teams with DC to bring TMNT to Gotham City! All this, plus the arrival of West Coast Brandon (WCB)! This is an issue that can't be missed!

Issue 46 finds Back Issues Comic Book Podcast descending into madness. A special studio guest and a live Periscope broadcast proves to be a distraction for one of the guys while the others try to keep the show on track as they discuss NBC's upcoming Heroes Reborn. Also on the agenda: Marissa Tomei is announced as Aunt May, Netflix chooses an Elektra for season 2 of Daredevil, Montreal Comic Con sees controversy in artist alley, and Secret Wars starts heating up! All this, plus the guys give their opinions on Jurassic World. Don't miss out! Grab your issue today!

This week's episode of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast is here and there's much to discuss. Olivia Munn posts a video of her sword play in preparation for her role as the mutant Psylocke, Marvel's post Secret Wars plan leaks, and the He-Man Universe is lacking in originality. All this, plus Anthony waxes nostalgic - and borderline obsessive when he finds out Boom Studios will be publishing a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers title! Don't miss out! Grab your issue today!

In this week’s issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, the guys discuss the United States Postal Service’s indifference to lost Larry Hama memorabilia, check out Disturbed’s newest comic book inspired music video, and marvel at Jurassic World’s record setting run to one billion dollars. They also debate the recent rash of reboots and remakes, explore the Ghostbusters universe and address a number of casting rumors including Marvel’s crush on Beyonce. All this plus a look at the direction Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are taking Batman! Check out this action packed issue today! 

A little late, but the new issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast is here and is super-sized! Jurassic World demolishes Avengers: Age of Ultron at the box office and the guys have much to say about it. Also, Marvel announces the introduction of Punisher in the upcoming season of Daredevil, the possibility of Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan, a director is named for Gambit and Secret Wars delays make headlines. All this, plus Anthony recaps a cosplay adventure while declaring his love of Jar Jar. Yes, this is an issue you MUST pick up NOW!

In this issue, the guys cover Spider-Man's likely appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Jason Statham trashing Marvel films, the perks of converting to Jediism and getting the Doctors straight. Also, the guys recount their Niagara Falls Comic Con 2015 experience including encounters with the legendary Larry Hama, James O'Barr and creator of Captain Canuck Richard Comely. Get your issue today!

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. After 40 episodes, the guys experienced their first lost episode. But, technical difficulties weren’t keeping them down today! What started out as a mini-pod turned into a full-fledged episode in which the guys discuss the technical aspects of the Wookie language, disappointing story lines in comics, and the confusing end of the Green Lantern film, as well as contemplating how The Dark Knight Rises may have been different had they used WWE cameramen. All this, plus the final commentary on DC’s Convergence. Grab your issue today!

Issue 40 is here and even though there was not too much going on in the news, the guys still found a way to churn out another two hour show! In this issue, they discuss their plans to visit this year's Niagara Falls Comic Con and New York Comic Con. Artist, writer and celebrity guest lists are examined and commented upon. Also in this issue, Brandon v Anthony: Battlequiz! Get your issue today!

This week on Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, the guys discuss DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl trailers, talk about the new Suicide Squad photos depicting Joker in all his tattooed glory and give an update on some of their upcoming plans for the show. Also, a sneak preview of Brandon v Anthony: The Battlequiz! Get your issue today!

Issue 38 is here and it is a monster! The guys are joined in the studio by Tom Frew, co-host of an upcoming gaming/Anime/pop culture podcast appropriately called Dork Sandwich! He and the guys discuss plans for the new podcast and some other projects in the works. They also check out the new Lucifer trailer, discuss the possible future of the canceled Constantine, comment on the Harley Quinn pics from the set of Suicide Squad and cover Marvel's decision to piss off Thor fans around the world. All this, plus Convergence and Secret Wars coverage. Oh yeah, also Anthony channels Ned Flanders. You're not going to want to miss this issue! Check it out today!

It's a new week and the guys are back! In issue 37, they react to DC's decision to off two of its biggest characters in one of its biggest books, have a look at Stephen Amell as Casey Jones in TMNT II, reveal the list of movies for their upcoming 24-hour comic book movie marathon, and dissect, critique and comment on Avengers: Age of Ultron. What are you waiting for? Get your issue today!!!

Holy intricate ink job, Batman! Issue 36 of Back Issues finds the guys reacting to the first promotional picture of Jared Leto as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad. They also talk about the debut image of Nightcrawler from X-Men: Apocalype, as well as some leaked shots from set featuring, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Jubilee! Plus, Anthony tries to stay awake during Convergence coverage. It's an issue have to hear to believe! Grab your copy today!

A new full issue hits the stands and this week the guys have a guest on the show! Anthony's biggest fan joins the guys via Skype to discuss the weeks biggest trailers - Star Wars The Force Awakens, Batman v Superman and Fantastic Four. Convergence #2 gets the break down treatment, and the guys try to figure out why Chris just can't get his names straight. Grab your Issue 35 today!

In issue 34, the guys discuss Hugh Jackman's future as Wolverine, the announcement of Olivia Munn as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, the new Ant Man trailer, a Deadpool film update, and Convergence #1. All this, plus the introduction of a new series of mini-pods entitled Back Issues Presents... Find out when these new pods drop and what they'll be covering! Grab your copy today!

Convergence is upon us and the guys are ready to get down and dirty with the DC Universe! Before getting into a spoiler-filled review of Convergence #0, the guys look back on a year of podcasting, check out the trailer for Justice League: Gods and Monsters, discuss Elseworlds titles, explore expanded universes and comment on the upcoming Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover. All this, plus Anthony gets melodramatic. What are you waiting for? Get your issue today!

Issue 32 is here! Recorded on location at Joe D's WNY Toy, Comic Book and Collectible Show, the guys check out a Marvel Trivia Box, discuss Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool homage to Burt Reynolds, and mourn the loss of a Turtle. There are also guest appearances by author and joke-man extraordinaire “Monster” Matt Patterson and Sal Monaco of Beyond the Mainstream Productions, as well as a chat with Gargoyles illustrator Kurt Lehner. All this, plus Anthony finds out he has a big fan! Grab your action-packed copy today!

This week the guys are on the road to Niagara County Community College's KaminariCon! At the debut of this anime/gaming/comic book convention, the guys discuss DC's upcoming costume changes for the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more. Comic book pet peeves, the physics of superpowers and a few guests round out this action-packed show! Check out this issue, recorded on location in Sanborn, NY!

Issue 30 is our Women in Comics Issue! Back Issues takes a look at women and how they have influenced and shaped comics over the years and how they continue to revolutionize the medium. Some of the topics the guys cover include the upcoming all-women super team A-Force, an 11-year-old girl calls out DC Comics, Selina Kyle's sexuality, Wonder Woman, the BBC's list of 100 super-heroins, and this month's special Instagram Artist Feature! All this, plus Anthony almost explodes. You'll have to listen to find out why!

This week, the guys talk about the third and final trailer for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, discuss a one way trip to Mars, and have a look at the BBC's nod to International Women's Day list of 10 female comic heroines. Talking to Graham Nolan, contemplating a Marvel Movie Marathon, and deciding between the path of Jedi or Sith are just a few of the topics covered in Issue 29! Get your copy today!

This week, the guys take a moment to remember the late Leonard Nimoy and the amazing legacy he left behind. They also touch on the ever increasing relationship between comics and space exploration, explore the different worlds that will make up Marvel's upcoming Secret Wars event, and have a look at this week's DC movie poster variants. All this, plus Chris and Anthony go head to head in Brandon's new game show, Real or Fake. Check it out now!

It's a special Road Trip edition of Back Issues! For issue 27, the guys head up to visit our neighbors up North for the Toronto Comic Book Show. There they had a chance to check out an array of vendors offering quality back issues, key books, toys and memorabilia. Aside from picking up some much needed books, the guys got a chance to meet the creator of the Captain Canuck action figure Sam Noir. Plus, original Real Ghostbusters cartoon cells, a 1934 edition of Marvel Tales and the smallest Captain America comic book in the world. All this, plus Anthony takes on the mob! Check out this special issue today!

Back again with issue 26! This week, the guys discuss Aquaman's call to “Unite the Seven,” Hellboy turns 21 and Rogue Ales & Spirits celebrates with a Right Hand of Doom, and DC's plans for the future of their titles looks to shake up the universe. All this, plus a Black History Month feature on artists M.D. Bright, Ken Lashley, and Darryl Banks. Grab your copy today!

Issue 25! A quarter of the way to 100! Which is only a tenth of the way to 1000! Which is only... okay, hold on. We could go on forever. Lets focus on this issue! In it, the guys look at some of the newest toys to come out of Toy Fair 2015, discuss Kevin Conroy and Paul Dini signing on to the Oculus Rift Batman: The Animated Series project, and explore some influential African American writers and creators. Plus, reviews of Darth Vader and Nameless, and a listing of what's hitting the comic book shelves this week is in store! What are you waiting for? It's new comic book day! Listen now!

An all new issue is here! In this jam packed twenty-fourth issue, the guys talk about the Spider-Man custody battle between Sony and Marvel and what the agreement means to everyone involved. And since it's Black History Month, they focus on some iconic African American characters. Also touched on is the new "Netflix for comic books" service and a new Artist on Instagram feature. All this, plus, will Anthony survive The Killing Quiz? You'll have to listen to find out!

Issue 23 is here and in it the guys get into the new trailer for Netflix’s highly-anticipated Marvel series Daredevil. They also break down the casting news for the Teen Titans adaption that’s in the works, comment on Disney’s plans to possibly bring Marvel and Star Wars properties to a subscription service near you, explore Kickstarter for up and coming comic book talent, and a look at the history of love and hate between DC’s characters in green. All this and a look at the amazing artwork of Rocky Davies. Check out this issue today!

This week’s topics range from the new Fantastic Four trailer to Tyrese Gibson’s bid to play the Green Lantern to a preview of Dark Horse’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Eight, as well as a commentary on the comics of the greatest generation. The guys react to comic book legend Allen Bellman following their Facebook page and discuss his work on WWII era Captain America. The guys also reveal who they would love to see follow their page. All this, plus a trivia game that pits the Dark Knight against the Green Lantern! You don’t want to miss this issue!

Getting on the Dark Horse PR mailing list, a review of horror comic book legend Richard Corben’s upcoming mini-series Rat God #1, Alex Grecian’s Sasquatch book Proof, Wytches and horror movies, Star Wars #1, geek punk rock, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and a preview of the Geek Out card game are what’s in store for you in issue 21! Grab your copy today!

The Image Comics Expo 2015 promises new titles from Scott Snyder, Todd McFarlane and fan favorite Skottie Young. Also, the second Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, sketch cards, Calvin and Hobbes, and the Charlie Hebdo tragedy are discussed! Just try to keep up... One of the guys can't stop jumping all over the place!

Comic creator, artist, inker, colorist, and all around Renaissance man Will Rodriguez stopped by for what was originally supposed to be a segment for an upcoming issue of the podcast. It turns out, he had a lot more to say than he thought he would. 
In this issue, Chris and Will talk about creating comics, influential books, the Image explosion of the 90s, and much, much more! Check out this special New Year bonus issue today!

It's 2015! And, with the new year comes new sound equipment and the guys sound better than ever! This issue finds them discussing the human-sized Ant Man trailer, the confirmed casting and release date of Gambit, the Sony hack and the deal to bring Spider-Man to Marvel Studios, Daredevil on Netflix, and so much more! What are you waiting for?! Listen today!

The guys are back and talking about what everyone else has been talking about... the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer! They discuss the droids, the music, the Millienium Falcon, and Marvel's role in adding to the Star Wars canon. A new Hellboy title, the art of Ben Templesmith and the possibility of Tyler Perry's Madea running the Suicide Squad?!? You have to check out the issue to hear what all the crazy fuss is about!

It's that time of the year when the night will be filled with ghosts, ghouls, witches and goblins! The guys gather round the mic to talk about horror comics like Outcast, Nailbiter, Wytches and Tales from the Crypt. They also talk about some of the spookiest unexplained phenomena they've ever experienced. So turn off all the lights, light some candles and turn up the volume on this special Halloween issue of Back Issues Comic Podcast!

After fighting technical difficulties, EV-D68, ISIS and Ebola, the guys are back on the mics and they are jumping right into the middle of Marvel and DC's battle for box office domination and ultimate control of your TV! Superhero movies until 2020 are discussed, as well as Kevin Smith's latest horror offering, Tusk. The guys also talk about the highlights of this year's Buffalo Comic Con. Pick up your issue today!!!

On this week's issue, Anthony and Brandon recount their adventures on the "Road to Toronto FanExpo 2014." 3 a.m. wake up calls, deserted streets a la Silent Hill, the search for Stan Lee, a CGC-rated Wolverine #1 purchase, meeting Dustin Nguyen (or his brother?), and lines, lines and more lines! This issue has all the excitement the FanExpo had to offer. Plus, a sprinkling of road rage.

Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-select-start: The guys discuss a past time almost every comic book fan can get into... Video Games! From classic arcade games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men to the cutting edge technology of today's games like Injustice: Gods Among Us and the Batman Arkham series, the conversation covers a number of platforms and button-mashing combos. Load up on your energy drinks, grab your controllers and enjoy the Back Issues Video Game Special.

This issue finds the guys tackling a growing concern within the cosplay community and the steps being taken to address it. They also discuss some of the highlights of San Diego Comic Con including leaked Batman v Superman footage, Wonder Woman's role in the film, the new Star Wars film and new Star Wars comics coming in 2015. Star Trek the Next Generation X-Men crossover, The Wicked + The Divine, and Green Lantern (of course) are featured in this amazing issue! Check it out!

San Diego Comic Con is upon us! The guys preview some of this year's featured guests. New movies, toys and TV shows are all up for discussion, as well. And, don't worry, the fact that Batman turns 75 is not lost on our hosts. They discuss the Dark Knight from every angle, including the Finger! Check out this special SDCC issue! You'll walk away looking like the little girl on the Alien Egg Chamber Action Playset!

In this tenth issue, the guys address Marvel's controversial decision to have a female wield Mjölnir as the new Thor, Sam Wilson as the new Captain America and Tony Stark's change into Superior Iron-Man. They also discuss the freshness of creator-owned content on titles such as Trees, Nailbiter, Sherwood TX, and Death Vigil.

After a short recess, the guys are back with a new co-host. Comic book creator/writer Brandon Fuller joins Back Issues in this installment, recorded at Tim Hortons. Highlights of this action packed issue include, but are not limited to: a trade paperback feature on Conan Volume 1, Kirkman's offering into the world of exorcisms and demonology, the genius of Guillermo del Toro, Dinos vs Aliens, suicide on the banks of the Blood Ocean, and Brandon's character feature - Zatana.

Recorded live at a Tim Hortons, the guys entertain a couple of guests - local filmmaker, actor, writer, producer, director and comic book fan Jim Clark III along with comic book writer/co creator and trade paperback connoisseur Brandon Fuller. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, shitty Wonder Twin powers and the most iconic female in comics are discussed in this killer issue! Grab your copy today!

Landing an Amazing Spider-Man #1 Marcos Martin variant, discussing the upcoming television series Constantine, and ripping apart Tom Hardy's performance as Bane are some of the highlights of issue 7. Special guest James Cody gives the ins and outs of stalking on Tinder, has a say in who played the best Satan, talks Bible and suffers an injury that transforms him into the villainous Vapor. This key issue is a MUST have for any collector.

Issue 6 picks up where Issue 5 left off, featuring a new TPB segment and a spotlight on Giant Sized X-Men Annual #9. The New 52's Futures End is discussed, Supergirl becomes a Red Lantern and a friendship almost ends over a cool find at a long box.

Issue 5 is the first half of a two hour podcast at the end of finals week. Picking up books at the flea market, discussing Seattle's real-life superhero Phoenix Jones and his archenemy Rex Velvet, exploring the history behind Free Comic Book Day and reviewing the new Gotham trailer is just a little of what happens in this week's issue.

In Issue 4, we revisit our PowerCon experience where we got lost in mazes of long boxes, met Rochester comic book artist and writer Nigel Carrington, as well as veteran artist and inker John Totleben. We also picked up a couple of personal treasures in the forms of original art and back issues.

The third installment of Back Issues finds us discussing superhero television programs. We touch on classics such as Lou Ferrigno's Incredible Hulk and Adam West's Batman. We also discuss Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Heroes and NBC's plan to bring back their hit television show in 2015.

In our second issue, we discuss a few new titles (Batman Eternal, Nightcrawler, Inhuman, Iron Fist), analyze the cover of the Guinness Record holding Deadpool 27, and pick apart Ryan Reynolds for his roles as the Merc with the Mouth and Green Lantern. Also, Squirrel Girl gives Aquaman a run for his money and Anthony Mullen interviews Mark Miller of Ichiban Games, one of the organizers for Buffalo's upcoming Lil'-Con: Gaming and Events Convention.

Here it is, the debut issue of Back Issues Comic Book Podcast back when it was also known as Comic Book Talk From Golden to Modern Age. This first episode includes a lengthy discussion on the X-Men: Days of Future Past and why the writers decided to send Wolverine back in time instead of Kitty Pryde. We also talk about the first comic books we ever read, what it felt like seeing Avengers on the big screen for the first time, and we build our teams for a planned reoccurring battle of the heroes segment.