Cellar Dwellers Episode 32

The Cellar Dwellers are back and talking sports once again. In this episode, the guys discuss the bizarre Zay Jones incident, the Bills off season moves, analying the trading of QB Tyrod Taylor and the signing of AJ Mccarron, the Bills' Draft scenarios, the UB Bulls men's and women's incredible run in the NCAA tournament, and then they mock WGR550 and the Buffalo Sabres. Yeah, it's safe to say the guys are back.

Cellar Dwellers Episode 30

On this episode of Cellar Dwellers, the guys discuss the loss of the local icon Record Theatre, how much it will be missed and how the end of this establishment came about. Also, further discussion on the development of their budding city. 

Cellar Dwellers Episode 28

After a short hiatus, the guys of Cellar Dwellers are back and have a whole new format in store for listeners. Deciding to branch out from just local sports, Kevin and John will also begin discussing topics and issues related to and affecting the city of Buffalo as well as the surrounding Western New York areas. In this episode, John and Kevin discuss the controversial 198 expressway in Buffalo. They explore the purpose, history, functionality and future of this particular stretch of road and the issues behind the controversy. 

Cellar Dwellers Episode 24

This week, the guys evaluate the UB football season so far, the Bills win over Patriots, and they evaluate Tyrod Taylor. Also, the worst NFL QBs, the best NFL WRs, the Minnesota Vikings, rowdy sports fans, and Sabres pre-season thoughts.