Episode 13 - Do the Right Swamp Thing

Welcome back to the Hardly Awesome Podcast! Each week, Chris, Anthony and Brandon get together to sit around and discuss the things that interest them most - comics, movies, TV, science, history, and more. If you already know the guys from Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, you know what you're getting yourself into. If you're new to the show, welcome! But, don't expect too much... I mean, they did name the show Hardly Awesome Podcast!

This week, the guys discuss the announcement of Swamp Thing joining the upcoming DC streaming service and how it needs to be done right. Brandon voices his dissatisfaction with the Titans' costumes. The guys also check out the trailers for Teen Titans Go to the Movies, Hereditary and Luke Cage season two before speculating on how Infinity War may affect the Netflix shows. All this, plus Brandon and Anthony unveil their newest podcast. Check it out!

Hardly Awesome Podcast Theme: Loitering by Riot

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