Episode 31 - Urban Legends Part II - The Round Table

Urban Legends are back! In this second installment of the urban legends series, the guys decide to each bring two stories to the table to discuss. Bunny Man, Helltown, Calls From the Dead, Ben Drowned, Killer in the Backseat and Paul is Dead are all explored in this episode of History Creeps Podcast. Turn the lights down and the volume up and, as always, stay creepy!

Episode 30 - What Happened to Michael Rockefeller?

In 1961, Michael Rockefeller, the fifth child of New York governor Nelson Rockefeller, was in the prime of his young life. A college student who would rather see the world than pursue a career in medicine or politics, Rockefeller found himself falling in love with the remote jungles of New Guinea and the tribes that inhabited them. When he went missing in November of that year after his pontoon boat overturned off the coast of the island, concerns over cannibal tribes began to stoke fears over the fate of the young man with the bright future ahead. Join the guys as they explore what happened to Michael Rockefeller on this episode of History Creeps!

Episode 29 - Those Satanic McMartins

In the 1980s and early 90s, there was a panic sweeping much of the nation, particularly affecting schools and day care centers. Satanic ritual abuse was a real threat as far as many parents were concerned and the fear was fueled by the high profile McMartin Pre-School Trial. Wild allegations of sexual abuse, flying daycare workers, naked "Movie Star" games and even appearances by Chuck Norris himself are only a small part of this fascinating case and the effects it had on the American public for years to come.

Episode 28 - The True Exorcist

In 1973, William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist hit movie theaters across the country with such shocking ferocity, the face of horror would never be the same again. Few know the true story behind the Exorcist. Fewer know of the young boy, known only as Roland Doe, or of the supposed battle for his soul that took place in the late 1940s. Join the guys as they discuss the true story behind The Exorcist.

Episode 27 - The Mothman Cometh

Throughout history, people have claimed to see a strange creature appear in the skies just before horrific disasters struck. Though it had large wings, the body of this creature was said to resemble a man. After a rash of sightings in a small West Virginia town culminating in a devastating bridge collapse just before Christmas in 1967, the Mothman would go down in history as a herald of doom. Listen this week as the guys discuss the creepy events surrounding the Mothman.

Episode 26 - A Krampus Christmas Story

The holidays are once again upon us and the guys have decided to explore the shrouded history of Krampus the Christmas Devil! How did this diabolical sidekick to Old Saint Nick become so popular in Europe and why did he almost completely disappear from holiday festivities around the world? Check out this special holiday edition of History Creeps to find out!

Episode 25 - Bob Lazar - Real or Spider-Man Villain

In the late 1980s, Bob Lazar emerges from obscurity with claims of having worked with the US government to reverse engineer alien space craft. His claims are more than remarkable and have sparked more questions than answers. Just who was Bob Lazar and was he really a part of one of the biggest cover ups in US history? Check out this episode of History Creeps and decide for yourself!

Episode 24 - Urban Legends Part I

Urban legends are as ingrained in American history and culture as baseball, apple pie and fireworks on the Fourth of July. But, what is it about these tales that fascinates people from all walks of life? And, where do most of these stories come from? This week, on the first of a series exploring urban legends, the guys take a look at Bloody Mary, The Hook, Munchkin Suicide and the Black Eyed Children. All this, plus an update on the Brown Mountain Lights, human-dissolving hot springs and the discovery of an Alaskan water monster.

Episode 23 - This Is the Zodiac Speaking

During the late 60s and early 70s, the city of San Francisco and surrounding areas saw a rash of killings that was claimed to be the work of a masked monster known as the Zodiac. For years, police tried desperately to catch a serial killer hell bent on leading them on a cat and mouse chase. Though thousands were suspected, no one was ever caught. Who was the Zodiac Killer? Listen this week as the guys do their best to figure out one of America's biggest unsolved mysteries.

Episode 22 - History Creeps Halloween Special 2016

It's Halloween and the guys are ready to creep themselves out with a list of haunted locations in all 50 states. Decaying mental hospitals, spooky cemeteries, murder mansions and terrifying hotels are just a handful of frightening locations found throughout the country. Join Chris, Johnny and Carter as they "visit" some of these haunts for the History Creeps Halloween Special. And, whatever you do, don't turn out the lights!

Episode 21 - The Man From Taured

Sometime in 1950s Japan, a man gets off an airplane and is detained by airline officials when his country of origin cannot be identified. The man claimed to hail from a land that did not exist. Who was the Man for Taured? This week, the guys explore the story of a man who may very well have passed over from an alternate dimension.

Episode 20 - Hitler Gets Away

On May 1, 1945, the Soviet government announced to the world that Adolf Hitler was found dead of an apparent suicide. Hours later, the German government would announce that Hitler died leading his men into battle. Later still, rumors began to circulate that the Fuhrer had escaped and made his way to Argentina. What really happened to the world's most reviled villain during the last days of WWII? Join the guys this week as they delve into the mystery surrounding the fate of Adolf Hitler.

Episode 19 - Rhonda Hinson Mystery

On the night of December 22, 1981, Rhonda Hinson would leave an office holiday party only to be found hours later in a ditch beside her car with a bullet in her back. What exactly happened that night? Who shot Rhonda Hinson? How did she end up outside her car? This week, the guys attempt to find answers to a mystery that has plagued a small North Carolina town for over 34 years. Who killed Rhonda Hinson?

Episode 17 - The Devil's Hole

The devil has been blamed for a lot over time. In this episode of History Creeps, the guys explore the curse of the Devil's Hole in Niagara Falls, NY. The site of a brutal massacre at the hands of natives, the Devil's Hole may also have played a part in the death of a U.S. president! Check out this week's episode to find out how!

Episode 16 - Johnny Wilkes Gang

With the pull of a trigger, one man impacted history in a way even he couldn't predict. John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre, and would himself die by bullet some two weeks later. Or did he? Join the guys as they explore the life and death of the man who took down one of history's greatest presidents.

Episode 15 - The Mysteries of Skinwalker Ranch

This week, the guys explore the mysteries of Skinwalker Ranch. One of the only locations in the country that claims to have experienced everything from time portals to UFOs to Sasquatch encounters, and under the control of a figure as shadowy as the X-Files's Cigarette Smoking Man, Skinwalker Ranch may go down in history as the site of America's first alien invasion! You do not want to miss this episode!

Episode 14 - The Incredible Disappearing D.B

On a cold, rainy evening in 1971 Portland, Oregon, a man carrying a briefcase boards a plane bound for Seattle, Washington. Within minutes after takeoff, the man approaches a stewardess, handing her a note informing her that he had a bomb and that he had some demands. Hours later, the man would jump from the same plane, with over $200,000 and four parachutes, and would never be seen or heard from again. This week, the guys explore the mysterious case of D.B. Cooper.

Episode 13 - Move Along, Nothing To See Here

Most people think of national parks as beautiful sprawling expanses of wilderness protected by the United States government for future generations to enjoy. But, intense investigation by ex-police detective David Paulides has uncovered a dark secret about these sections of national land. Mysterious disappearances seem to occur in clusters within the national parks and no one seems to want to speak on the subject. Leave it to Chris, Johnny and Carter to try to crack the case.

Episode 12 - It Was a Weather Balloon

For decades, people have reported seeing strange objects and lights in the skies all around the world. In the United States, the government has gone to great lengths to explain that what people are really seeing are weather balloons. On this episode, the guys discuss moments in history when such explanations didn't seem to fly. Moments such as the infamous Roswell crash and the lesser known Battle of Los Angeles are explored in depth in this episode of History Creeps.