Retro Blissed Episode 114 - Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu

The YouTube legend "Game Dave" joins Retro Blissed to discuss the hard to find NES action game Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu. Will Game Dave survive the full retro Blissed review of his beloved Jackie Chan Nintendo game? Will he face Johnny in a new bliss quiz? Does Jackie Chan suffer no fools? All these questions and more answered now.  Check out Game Dave on YouTube! Do it!

Game Dave YouTube Channel:

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Retro Blissed presents Retro Herald Episode 1 - Fortnite Tutors

On this new Retro Blissed spin off series, Johnny takes a look at video game headlines and gives his thoughts on the state of the industry. He also gives a "quick" review on a modern game normally not covered by Retro Blissed.

On this first episode, Johnny gives his thoughts on parents hiring Fortnite tutors for their children and Negan joining the Tekken 7 roster. He then gives a quick review on the PS2 game Van Helsing.

Johnny Townsend    johnnyism28

Johnny Townsend    @johnnyism

Retro Blissed Episode 113 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES was the first time gamers got to experience TMNT action on their Nintendo console. But this game was not what most turtles fans were expecting, and today it is often overlooked for the beat-em up sequels. Does this game stand the test of time, or is it hot trash? Stick around for a bliss quiz where you will learn dark secrets about Johnny and Trevor which you can never unlearn.

Retro Blissed Episode 112 - Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 was the wildly successful sequel to the PlayStation car combat hit. But after 22 years, does this game give you a sweet tooth for more, or does it send gamers running for cover like those little pixelated pedestrians? Find out in the full review, and stick around for a new Bliss Quiz! 

Retro Blissed Episode 111 - Best of the Openers Volume I

This week, Trevor and Johnny give their thumbs a rest and put their producer to work. If there's one thing they know, it's how much their fans LOVE their opening sketches. Or, maybe their producer loves producing them. Either way, here's the volume one of the best of the openers. The guys will be back next week with all of your favorite segments including the "world" famous Bliss Quiz.

Retro Blissed Episode 110 - Soldiers of Fortune

Soldiers of Fortune for the Sega Genesis is a 2 player action game in the same style as Commando or Ikari Warriors. Listen for the full review, a new bliss quiz, and a wacky new segment! Find out if Retro Blissed will be your fortune, or just another bad life decision in a string of bad life decisions.

Retro Blissed Episode 108 - Kirby's Dream Course

Before HAL was making the next Super Smash Bros masterpiece, they were making games like this: Kirby's Dream Course. Sort of a mini golf on steroids, sort of its own thing. Find out if Kirby's 1994 SNES game is worth its spot on the SNES classic, or if this pink cream puff needs to be covered in large amounts of ointment and anti-fungal cream.

Retro Blissed Episode 107 - Battletoads

Battletoads for the NES is a notoriously difficult Rare developed game that has just been announced to get a brand new release on Xbox One next year. But how does the original stand the test of time? Tune in for the Retro Blissed review, a new bliss quiz, and lots of complaining. Seriously. A LOT.

Retro Blissed Episode 106 - Little Nemo Dream Master

Can Nemo ever find his mom, even with the help of Dory? Oh wait, wrong Nemo. Based on a 1930s comic and slightly obscure animated movie, Little Nemo is a Capcom NES platformer which flew under many people's radars. Will the definitive voices in all of retro gaming give it a high review? Who knows, but for now let's see what Retro Blissed has to say.

Retro Blissed Episode 105 - Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom. You'll find all your favorite Disney characters here including Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, and even Donald Duck. Join us as we review this little known Capcom Disney Nintendo entertainment system game. Is this a hidden NES classic or a rare stinker in the Disney Capcom lineup? Join us as we relive your wildest nostalgic dreams, or crush them under the weight of so much reality.

Retro Blissed Episode 103 - Karate Kid

The infamous rainbow is back with LJN bringing us The Karate Kid for the NES. Is it worthy of the Cobra Kai dojo, or does it belong buried in the back yard in a dung pile? Listen to this episode of Retro Blissed to find out! Or play the game yourself. But that's a lot of work.

Retro Blissed Episode 102 - Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Star Wars Episode I: Racer is a racing video game based on the podracing sequence featured in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. That's what Wikipedia says. Find out what Retro Blissed has to say about this N64 racing game from 1999. Stay for the full review, a new Bliss quiz, and a truly awful opening Star Wars skit.

Retro Blissed - 100 Episode Clip Show Special

It's not every day that a podcast reaches 100 episodes. Well... Technically, with the ridiculous number of podcasts currently available, there are probably a handful of shows reaching 100 episodes every day, but - how many of them can say they are hosted by two guys named Johnny and Trevor who share a love for retro video games, comedic improv and food? To mark this special occasion, I (producer Chris Chavez) have put together a little clip show that spans the 100 episodes of Retro Blissed. It's quite an achievement to put out weekly content to hit that many episodes, and the guys should be proud. Hope everyone enjoys this Clip Show Special. I know I enjoyed going back to the beginning and listening to these guys grow. Here's to 100 more!

Additional music: "8 Bit Win!" By HeatleyBros

Retro Blissed Episode 99 - Super Mario Bros

It's the full review of the quintessential classic NES game: Super Mario Bros. What better way to prepare for episode 100 than to tackle this Nintendo classic, often credited for saving video games? How about a new Bliss quiz, a lame opening skit, and more lovable shenanigans? It's time for a Mario sized episode of...Retro Blissed!

Retro Blissed Episode 97 - Mega Man

Mega Man for the Nintendo Entertainment System needs no introduction. Capcom's blue bomber has worked his way into gamer hearts since 1987. But this very first Mega Man has some major differences from its more popular sequels, so stick around for the full review, a new Bliss quiz and probably the dumbest opening skit. Ever.