Retro Blissed Episode 85 - Biker Mice From Mars

Retro Blissed already covered Rock n Roll Racing on the Super Nintendo, but have you checked out the spiritual cousin to that SNES classic? Biker Mice from Mars gets the full review, horrible skit, and slapdash quiz show you expect from every episode of Retro Blissed. And also mutant biker mice. Because, why not?

Retro Blissed Episode 84 - Kirby's Adventure

Kirby's Adventure for the NES was the first time the pink puffball inhaled his enemies and gained their powers. The guys review this Nintendo classic and find out just how much food they can inhale, which it turns out is an entire Chinese buffet. Seriously though, sorry about the opening skit. It's really, REALLY stupid. So stupid.

Retro Blissed Episode 82 - Mario Kart 64

Crikey! It's Christmas time! In this holiday episode, Retro Blissed gives a full review of Mario Kart 64 along with "special" guest Trevor's brother, Derek. What makes this episode special? Well, an on air taste test of iconic Australian foods, a new bliss quiz, and three buffoons babbling joyously, of course. Merry Christmas, fans of the Bliss!

Retro Blissed Episode 80 - Sub-Terrania

Sub-Terrania for the Sega Genesis is a space shooter with very "interesting" multi-directional controls. Will this delight or infuriate? Tune in to find out, and stick around for the new Bliss Quiz and find out which Patreon pick is drawn from the hat! Bonus: another idiotic skit to start the show off!

Retro Blissed Episode 79 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Retro Blissed plays and reviews the original Alex Kidd for the Sega Master System. Miracle World may look like a Mario clone on the surface, but is there more under the hood? Will Johnny and Trevor disagree with their final score? Has there been a debate this heated since they tried to decide between pizza buffet or Chinese buffet? Stick around for the Bliss Quiz and find out if this show is a miracle or another belly flop into the shallow end of the kiddie pool!

Retro Blissed Episode 78 - TMNT 3 - The Manhattan Project

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project is a mouth full. It's also a game the guys have reminisced on many times on the show but never reviewed...until now. Does this NES beat 'em up live up to the nostalgia fueled memories, or will dreams be crushed and torn asunder like their belts after an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet? Listen for the full review, a brand new Bliss Quiz, and returning super guest Derek, brother of Trevor. Cowabunga!

Retro Blissed Episode 77 - Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson. BBC. "The Stag." What do all of these things have in common? They are all completely unrelated to Top Gear for the Super Nintendo, of course. Top Gear is a classic 16-bit racer that was "the other choice" for early SNES adopters after Mario Kart. Known for its soundtrack and nearly unprecedented amount of content, how does Top Gear hold up in the Retro Blissed full point inspection and review? Stick around for the Bliss quiz and general bufoonery.

Retro Blissed Episode 75 - Castlevania

Castlevania for the Nintendo Entertainment System was the start of a major franchise that lives on to this day. It's the final episode of "Retro Scare Month," and what better Halloween game than this 8-bit classic? Hear the full review, a brand new bliss quiz, and plenty of badly pronounced words.

Retro Blissed Episode 74 - Monster in My Pocket

"Retro Scare Month" continues with Monster in My Pocket, a Konami action game based on those little rubber monsters we grew up with. That's how fans describe Trevor and Johnny: those little rubber monsters we all grew up with. Listen for their memories and thoughts on this game, a new bliss quiz, and some lame humor!

Retro Blissed Episode 73 - Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters is a Sega Genesis game based on the Nickelodeon cartoon. Is it possible this game based on a kids cartoon is the creepiest game covered yet during Retro Scare Month? Did you expect the guys to play actual horror games for October? Come on. These are the same guys scared of stairs and salads. Stick around for the Bliss Quiz and full game review! 

Retro Blissed Episode 72 - Gremlins 2

Gremlins 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System sees you playing as Gizmo in a bit of a house of horrors for the poor little guy. Hear the guys' review, bliss quiz, and general shenanigans. Does this licensed NES game surprise with its charm, or does it leave the feeling of eating day old Chinese buffet?

Retro Blissed Episode 69 - NBA 2K

NBA 2K for the Sega Dreamcast brought a new era of realism in basketball video games. With the recent release of NBA 2K18 promising unprecedented realism, see where it all started...and if it still holds up today. Or just skip this episode, because Johnny was over the top goofy and Trevor couldn't contain him nor speak a sentence without slurring every other word. Professional. Podcasters.

Retro Blissed Episode 68 - Daytona USA

DAYTONNNNAAAA! LET'S GO AWAY! Away to a brand new episode of Retro Blissed, of course. Where you can find an in depth discussion and review of Daytona USA and Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition for the Sega Saturn. Stick around for the Bliss Quiz and never forget: we're all gonna fly sky high!

Retro Blissed Episode 67 - River City Ransom

It's been called one of the most overlooked games on the NES. River City Ransom is from the same folks who brought you Double Dragon, and this beat em' up has similarities, only with way Find out if buffet + punching dudes in the face is a match made in heaven for the guys and their special guest Mike, aka "WarpZoneGraphics"!

(Find Mike's amazing artwork on Instagram, under warpzonegraphics.)

Retro Blissed Episode 66 - Atari Sports

For episode 66 the guys decided to do things a little different: they sat down to play a whole pile of Atari 2600 sports games and review them one at a time. This episode features on of the biggest goofs in Retro Blissed history. Listen to see what we mean. Or skip this one. That may be better.