Retro Blissed Episode 103 - Karate Kid

The infamous rainbow is back with LJN bringing us The Karate Kid for the NES. Is it worthy of the Cobra Kai dojo, or does it belong buried in the back yard in a dung pile? Listen to this episode of Retro Blissed to find out! Or play the game yourself. But that's a lot of work.

Retro Blissed Episode 102 - Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Star Wars Episode I: Racer is a racing video game based on the podracing sequence featured in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. That's what Wikipedia says. Find out what Retro Blissed has to say about this N64 racing game from 1999. Stay for the full review, a new Bliss quiz, and a truly awful opening Star Wars skit.

Retro Blissed - 100 Episode Clip Show Special

It's not every day that a podcast reaches 100 episodes. Well... Technically, with the ridiculous number of podcasts currently available, there are probably a handful of shows reaching 100 episodes every day, but - how many of them can say they are hosted by two guys named Johnny and Trevor who share a love for retro video games, comedic improv and food? To mark this special occasion, I (producer Chris Chavez) have put together a little clip show that spans the 100 episodes of Retro Blissed. It's quite an achievement to put out weekly content to hit that many episodes, and the guys should be proud. Hope everyone enjoys this Clip Show Special. I know I enjoyed going back to the beginning and listening to these guys grow. Here's to 100 more!

Additional music: "8 Bit Win!" By HeatleyBros

Retro Blissed Episode 99 - Super Mario Bros

It's the full review of the quintessential classic NES game: Super Mario Bros. What better way to prepare for episode 100 than to tackle this Nintendo classic, often credited for saving video games? How about a new Bliss quiz, a lame opening skit, and more lovable shenanigans? It's time for a Mario sized episode of...Retro Blissed!

Retro Blissed Episode 97 - Mega Man

Mega Man for the Nintendo Entertainment System needs no introduction. Capcom's blue bomber has worked his way into gamer hearts since 1987. But this very first Mega Man has some major differences from its more popular sequels, so stick around for the full review, a new Bliss quiz and probably the dumbest opening skit. Ever.

Retro Blissed Episode 96 - Anticipation

We're you anticipating this? No? Anticipation is a Rare developed board game for the NES that is unique for not being directly based on any real life board game. The guys review this highly anticipated game, give a new bliss quiz, and discuss some big plans leading up to episode 100. The anticipation is overwhelming.

Retro Blissed Episode 95 - Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter for the NES is based on the super popular Midway arcade game, complete with ultra challenging game play and the classic Peter Gunn theme. Tune in to see if the guys are up for the challenge with the full review, a new bliss quiz, and a lot of whining about how hard things are.

Retro Blissed Episode 94 - Tennis

Tennis. Maybe not the most exciting sport, but since the days of Pong (and even earlier) it has translated well to video game form. The guys play and review Tennis for the original NES, then take a look at Super Tennis for the SNES. Are these Nintendo sports titles the precursor to Mario's acclaimed N64 sports games, or are they just squishy, fuzzy, green balls, much like Trevor and Johnny's brains? Tune in to find out!

Retro Blissed Episode 93 - Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes, developed by Treasure for the Sega Genesis, is like mixing Contra and a heaping helping of crazy. Listen for the full review and a brand new bliss quiz! Some say that Retro Blissed is like a podcast mixed with a heaping helping of class. Oh wait, no one ever said that. Ever.

Retro Blissed Episode 91 - Solomon's Key

Solomon's Key for the Nintendo Entertainment System (1987) is known for being a devilishly difficult action/platform/puzzle game. It's also the Patron pick for February, perhaps proving once and for all that Retro Blissed fans hate their hosts. Stick around for the full review and a brand new Bliss Quiz! It's the "Key" to a good time!

Retro Blissed Episode 90 - Hoops

Hoops for the Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the first basketball games on the NES, standing out for its sense of character and super duper 90's cartridge cover. However, does it still hold up today, or does it crumble underneath its own weight like Trevor and Johnny during a jump shot contest? Or during a walk to the kitchen.

Retro Blissed Episode 89 - Dr. Mario

The doctor is in, Dr. Mario, that is! Listen for the full review of this 1990 Nintendo Entertainment System puzzle game, a brand new Bliss Quiz, and more. Only you can decide if Retro Blissed is the cure for boring podcast blues, or just a nasty virus to be destroyed by matching 3 like colored pills on top of it. (Also, check out the network at

Retro Blissed Episode 88 - Sword of Sodan

Oh boy. Sword of Sodan for the Sega Genesis does not have a great reputation. But surely EA wouldn't put their name to something that bad, right? The guys give their full review, Johnny performs an "inspired" reading of the actual game dialogue, and it all ends with a new Bliss Quiz. Listen now. It'll be fine.

Retro Blissed Episode 87 - Duck Tales

DuckTales for the NES was one of the most popular games on Nintendo's gray box, but your hard hitting hosts will let you know if this money loving duck is as good as you remember, or just another Chinese buffet item waiting to happen.  Stay for the full review, Bliss Quiz, and the first ever fan interview!

Retro Blissed Episode 86 - Outlander

Outlander for the Sega Genesis is sort of a Mad Max game without Mad Max, made by the same people who made Mad Max on the NES. Will it be Bliss approved? Who knows, but you should stick around for the full review, bliss quiz, and other fun. Or don't. No one will ever know, except your own sense of guilt for never finding out if this would be the episode of Retro Blissed that doesn't suck. This could be the one.

Retro Blissed Episode 85 - Biker Mice From Mars

Retro Blissed already covered Rock n Roll Racing on the Super Nintendo, but have you checked out the spiritual cousin to that SNES classic? Biker Mice from Mars gets the full review, horrible skit, and slapdash quiz show you expect from every episode of Retro Blissed. And also mutant biker mice. Because, why not?