Retro Blissed Episode 49 - Batman Forever

A while back, the guys covered Batman Returns for the Super Nintendo and were very impressed. Now, they take a look at Batman Forever on the same system. But wait, is there a fly in this bat ointment? Is there a catch in this bat utility belt? Is there a... you get the idea. Tune in for their full review, a bliss quiz, and more usual shenanigans!

Retro Blissed Episode 48 - Soul Calibur

This week, Johnny and Trevor present their first episode dedicated entirely to one Sega Dreamcast game, and they picked a doozy! Soulcalibur was the most critically acclaimed fighting game of all time when it was released in 1999, but does it hold up today? Find out, and stick around for the Bliss Quiz! This is an episode of a high...wait for it...caliber!

Retro Blissed Episode 47 - Bigfoot

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! Monster Truck mayhem!!! It's Bigfoot for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 8-bits of NES crunching action! You know how some of you like it when the guys cover bad games? Well, I mean, we're sure this isn't one of those games (poke poke wink wink.)

Retro Blissed Episode 46 - Rock n Ball

Rock n Ball. So, is this Nintendo Entertainment System game about AC/DC and Michael Jordan? Or, is it about mineral stones and baseballs? Or, is Rock n Ball for the NES something entirely different? (Yeah, that's probably it.) Tune in to find out if this little known 8-bit game is a hidden gem or a steaming pile!

Retro Blissed Episode 42 - Garfield Caught in the Act

Do you hate Mondays? Do you love lasagna? If you answered yes to both questions, then you need to listen to this new episode all about Garfield for the Sega Genesis! After a string of very below average games in a row, have the guys finally found a hidden gem, or will they just give up and eat lasagna until they pass out? Let's be honest; that's happening either way.

Retro Blissed Episode 39 - LEGO Racers

Everyone loves LEGO (or at least the guys do), but what about LEGO Racers for the Nintendo 64? Listen as they take this game apart brick by brick and build a fine game discussion and review, a new Bliss Quiz, and more! They promise it'll be more fun than stepping on a pile of LEGO barefoot while the rotten kids who left them there laugh at you and your general lack of accomplishment in life, Even the dog thinks you're a joke, and...oh a winner... and listen to this brand new episode of Retro Blissed!

Retro Blissed Episode 38 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors

This week, the guys play and review the cult classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the Super Nintendo. Is this two player action game overrated or does it earn every bit of its cult status? Find out what they thought! Also, they were very hungry during this entire episode. For Chinese food, not brains. There were no brains in the room.

Retro Blissed Episode 36 - The Legend of Zelda

Finally, the guys cover a game that took real time commitment, dedicating hours of gameplay before recording the show. They had to take several naps. SEVERAL. The Legend of Zelda is one of the premiere games on the NES, but its legacy has gone further than even Nintendo ever imagined, working its way into the heart containers of gamers all over the world.


"The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Remix" by Bitonal Landscape

"Zelda Piano Medley" by Andrew Johnson

"Zelda Medley" by Lindsey Stirling

"Legend of Zelda Main Theme Orchestral" by Orchestra Nova San Diego

Retro Blissed Episode 33 - 2016 Year End Awards

Welcome to Retro Blissed in 2017! This week, the guys look back at all the games Retro Blissed played in 2016 and hand out multiple awards. They then give their top 10 games played for the podcast in 2016 and end it all with listener feedback and the Bliss Quiz! It's a new year of retro games and a new year of...gout talk?