Episode 24 - Buffalo State Talent

This week, Mason, Whodi and Diamond talk discuss whether a woman who doesn't want a baby in the early stages of pregnancy should keep the baby or not. Later, Whodi talks fight controversy involving eggs, his car, and the ones responsible. Then poet Arrow spits a freestyle poem, extremely talented singing duo Koda and Liz sing, and rapper L.I Bleek spits some fire to close the show out. This episode is full of fun, laughs, and talent so be SURE to stay tuned!

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Episode 23 - The Jordan Episode

This week, Diamond makes her debut as a new co-host with Mason and Clee! Topics covered are Tekashi 69, the boundaries involving side pieces, what defines a city boy or girl, "What Got You Mad Today?" segment, and the question "If a woman sells her body to feed her kids, is she a "hoe or provider?"

Episode 21 - I Don't Got Herpes

More of a relaxed episode this week from crew at Talking 28. They have guest Chris on the show AKA “WBC” to discuss all kinds of things with the crew. Check it out.

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Episode 20 - Door Dash

On this week’s episode, we have the guys hanging out with “B” and “Kaylon” on the show. They talk about their Halloween night, the local little league football team DOMINATING, and a man that’s been calling random girls on Facebook. Later, the topics include loyalty in friendship and relationships, as well as the current state of legal marijuana in this country.

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Episode 19 - Welcome Tamia

The guys are back again with a very special guest making waves on Facebook, Mrs. Tamia! She talks about her YouTube channel, her Porn debut video, and she answers some viewer questions on our FB Live Stream, so if you’re not following us there make sure you do. After the break, her husband comes on the mic to spit a fire freestyle and explains the economics of their videos, how it helps them and the difficulties of raising a large family.

Episode 18 - 28 N' Dem Boyz

This week, Mason, OG Clee and Whodi are speaking with guests Seth and Ty about the Music Awards. Also, college talk on teacher and professor expectations, student expectations, loans, debt and how college can be a scam.

BONUS: This episode will be on video! Yes...the Talkin 28 Crew is coming to YouTube so be on the lookout for that!

Episode 17 - Welcome SMG

This week, Mason and OG Clee are on the mic with Nero and K Pi$tol of "SMG" AKA Success | Money | Grind. They talk about Buffalo's rap scene, how they started rapping, and Buffalo as a whole as it compares to other "rap" cities and their growth. Later, they talk about hustling as a whole and what it actually takes to make it and be successful. Work ethic, seriousness and the right team goes a long way into making visions a reality.

Episode 16 - Good Morning 3rd Shift!

This week, the gang is back talking about Cardi B, Lil Baby and Gunna’s Album, Haters, the Buffalo State Homecoming party and The Illuminati! We also have Gioni talking about his Lost Boys Clothing Line. On the second half we have Whoodi and our guest Diamond spillin’ the tea on some Facebook drama and the fight at the Galleria! This is a short one but crazy so listen, laugh, and share!

Episode 15 - Get Ya Money Up Not Ya Funny Up

This week, Mason, OG Clee and Whodi return to spill the tea here in Buffalo! A sex tape gets leaked; Dashawn, Kayla and Joliette have drama; and there is some video miscommunication between the guys. Later, they talk Bill Cosby's conviction, a local Family Dollar gets ransacked, sharing clothes and Kayla calls into the show to defend herself on the Facebook drama! This episode is ONE FOR THE BOOKS!! Drama, laughs and some freestyle! DON'T SKIP THIS ONE!

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Episode 14 - Geeked Up

This week, Mason and Jernisa welcome special guests Rebecca "With the Good Hair" and Jake aka “JMHH” to the show as they talk about the Nike and Kaepernick brand deal, Kanye West flipping out on Nick Cannon's comments over his wife, and the difference between talking and dating. Guest and hair stylist Rebecca asks the question "Weaves or Natural?" and......cookies? This episode has it all! Laughs, debates, and everything in between, so stay tuned and be sure to leave Talking 28 a review!

Do you have any questions for the Talking 28 crew or topics you'd like to hear covered? Want to be a guest on the show? Let them know!

Episode 13 - Welcome B

This week, Clee, Jernisa and their guest “B” talk about their favorite movie sequels, drug dealing music’s transition to drug using music, and is “Once Gay, Always Gay”? Later, they bring you fashion, raising children in today’s climate as sexuality becomes more open and the Buffalo Bills’ no-surprise blowout loss.

Episode 12 - Is College a Scam

This week, Whodi, OG and Jernisa are talking about phone scammers that have been rampant recently, male sexual assault, and more. In the second half, they talk about the college lifestyle and if college is even worth it anymore. This one goes in multiple directions y’all so be ready to laugh and think too! Don’t miss it!

Episode 11 - Welcome Dashawn Allstar

This week, Talking 28 discusses modern fashion, rappers giving back, Aretha Franklin’s funeral and much more. Then later they have Dashawn Allstar, member of the Headnodd movement, on the mic talking about his grind and hustle to climb the music industry and his music video. Later Whodi drops in to give an update on Headnodd’s growth and supporting local businesses. 

Episode 10 - Welcome Jake and Quizzy

This week, the Talking 28 crew welcomes Jack on the mic , the young phenom that replicated Odell Beckham's famous catch against the Cowboys! They talk about his favorite team and his football motivation. Later, they have Kgang Quizzy join the group to discuss his new track "Messy Buffalo" and the storm it's causing. They also talk about the city of Buffalo and it's common comparison to Chicago, along with other topics.

Check out Jake's amazing catch here! :https://goo.gl/P18NcN

Episode 9 - Welcome One Stop Ink

This week, Mason, Whodi and Jernisha welcome special guests June and Duka, founders of One Stop Inkorporated, and a couple of the hottest up and coming tattoo artists in Buffalo. They join the crew in talking about Aretha Franklin's sad passing, Nicki Minaj throwing shade yet again. Along with more music news, the guys at One Stop talk about how they got started and share some tattoo stories, as well as "sleeping naked and not having sex".

Episode 8 - Talkin' with Tie

This week, OG and Jernisia are joined by Whodi and guest Tie. Mason is absent but with them in spirit. On this episode, they talk about improving your followers on Instagram, Galleria Mall brawls, Nicki Minaj's new album "Queen", denim fashion and they ask the question, "Is death ever deserved?" They also got new HeadNodd Clothing, so make sure you pick that up, because this is the realest podcast in Buffalo! Stay tuned!

Episode 7 - Real Spill

This week, we talk about kids today vs. kids of the 80s and 90s, parenting, having a side girl, new clothing releases and...."Tossing Salad"?? Google it my friends, just make sure you ain't at work doing it. Another funny and wild episode for you guys, so stay tuned!! This episode features guest Aneeyah Marie ( @aneeyah_marie ) the dancing phenom. She's shy, but a talented young lady, so go ahead and show her some love on Instagram!

Episode 6 - Welcome Whodi

In this episode we have special guest Whodi on the show explaining "The Bag" and having a come up in today's times for our youth. We also talk about the importance of walking, party drama, and suicide and addiction. We believe that the latter topics are very serious so if you or if anyone you know is suffering, please contact the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or the SAMHSA’s National Helpline for addiction at 1-800-662-4357.
Stay safe everyone!

Episode 5 - Black Men Don't Cheat

Mason, OG and Jernisia are back at it again this episode and it's a debate for the ages! Today they talk about the importance of a college degree, OG's birthday, Buffalo Bills controversy, Apple scams, and... do black men cheat? Things get heated in this episode, so stay tuned everybody!