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Episode 11 - How to Fly and Go Viral

Welcome back to Hardly Kayfabe. Join Chris Chavez and Johnny Townsend each week as they discuss everything pro wrestling: the matches, the story lines and the superstars that make the headlines and keep fans coming back for more.

This week, the guys are joined by guest Matt Johnson host of the 2-Pt Conversation and one half of the Push Start Podcast. Together, they discuss Bray Wyatt's recent car accident, accusations of sexual misconduct levied at ROH Champion Jay Lethal, and Empire State Wrestling's Anthony Gaines goes airborne and then viral. Also, a quick review of the week's wrestling, Funko Pop rumors, and some of the scariest wrestlers in history are all touched on in this week's episode of Hardly Kayfabe.

Theme song: Granite - Ethan Meixsell

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