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That's Odd Episode 13 - What Atuk is Going On

During what was known as the "Year Without Summer" in 1816, poet Percy Shelley and his young lover Mary visited famed poet Lord Byron at a villa near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Because of the unusually cold and wet weather during their stay, the three friends entertained themselves by reading ghost stories. After one evening of spooky tales, Lord Byron suggested they each try to write their own. Little did they know, this would produce one of literature's greatest monsters ever created. And, since the middle ages curses have been placed on manuscripts and books to thwart vandals and thieves. Is it possible that one such curse was attached to a movie script in the 1970s? Would you believe it if you learned that each actor who read for and agreed to take the lead role would end up dead before production could be competed, and in some instances before production could even begin? Listen as Johnny and Chris delve into a couple of stories about some very creepy manuscripts and the odd events surrounding them on this new installment of That's Odd!