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Episode 46 - Curse of the Crying Boy

This week, the curse has struck again! But not to be held down, Chris brings another special "Curse Edition" of History Creeps. This week, he's joined by his wife Erin as they delve into the Curse of the Crying Boy Paintings. When Bruno Amadio first painted his crying children to sell to tourists in 1950s Venice, little did he know that decades later the pieces would become the focal point of a sinister curse that was rumored to leave the homes of anyone who owned a painting in ashes. Were these paintings of crying children really cursed? Or was this a ploy by a tabloid to sell more papers? Check out this special "Curse Edition" of History Creeps and decide for yourself!


A very special thank you to Andrew Koed, Trevor Franklin, Anthony Savas, Daniel Chavez, Christopher Kellogg, Val McInnis-Mason, Michael Thomson, Samantha Cunningham, Jessica Walters, Lauren Lewis, Elyce Capriani, Christopher Marriott, Sean Eric Cooper and all of our History Creeps supporters! You guys are the creepiest!!!!!