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Power Rangers in CyberSpace Episode 17 - The Call Back Episode aka Anthony Hates Mega Man

The superfans call back to previous episode topics:
-Shawn recaps yet another part of NC Comic Con that he didn't already talk about during past episodes which somehow breaks down into awful cosplay ideas and hoodies
-Injustice 2 Power Rangers discussion and fan art mock ups that are finding their way online
-Lego Command Center fan submission (
-Power Ranges (2017) which 'morphs' into Marvel Inhumans

Now onto the new news:
-Power Rangers logo change
-Lootcrate Might Morphin Power Rangers mini-fig
-Bluefin Super Mini Pla Megazord and Dragonzord posable models
-The OFFICIAL way to pronounce Lord Drakkon (Evil alternate dimension Tommy)
-How do Shawn and Anthony feel about DC Metal (again, off topic)
-Power Rangers Live delayed and fun pranks to play on Anthony

Find the hosts:
Anthony: Twitter, Instagram, Xbox Live, PlayStation - antmulle
Shawn: Instagram, Xbox Live - shawncv79

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