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Power Rangers in CyberSpace Episode 39 - Roc Con 2018

Episode 39 - Roc Con 2018

This week Shawn joins the BICBP Network live in Rochester NY at Roc Con, held over the weekend of Fri September 7 - Sun September 9, 2018.

Anything can happen when recording live!

Segment 1 features a recap conversation about the anniversary episode between Shawn and Anthony and eventually, a fellow fan, Matt, cosplaying as the Magna Defender starts a conversation with the hosts about how it compares to Ninninger source material. This segment is concluded with Matt Johnson of fellow network podcasts Push Start podcast, The 2 Point Conversation and The Panel Discussion talking about his Power Ranger history and meeting Steve Cardenas just mintues before.

Segment 2 was a surprise for Shawn and Anthony. Steve Cardenas joined the show for a rare interview! Nearly 20 minutes on everything from pre-Power Rangers, the casting process, post-Power Rangers and filming the 25th anniversary episode.

The 3rd and final segment is with a fellow superfan Clifton, who went to Power Morphicon and had a lot of great info and personal stories about going to Power Morphicon.

Notable guests this episode:

Anthony Mullen @antemulle
Matt Johnson @maverickmattphotography
Steve Cardenas @stevecardenaspr
fellow super-fan Clifton @phantomstar3

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