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Trevor's Obsession Retro Herald - One Last Time

As Retro Blissed winds down to their last episode, Trevor and Johnny’s respective sister shows have come to an end as well. You know what they say… Nothing gold can stay. Tune in for this special mash up of Trevor’s Obsessions and Retro Herald.

On Trevor's Obsession, Trevor obsessively discusses one of his favorite board game series: Ticket to Ride. Learn more than you ever wanted to about every version of this mega-hit hobby board game! And stay tuned soon for Cardboard Bliss, Trevor's upcoming board game enthusiast podcast.

On Retro Herald, Johnny comments on rapper Soulja Boy’s new game console, discusses the remake for Crash Team Racing, and reviews Horizon Chase Turbo (yes, the same game Trevor discussed on a previous Obsession.)

Trevor Franklin    retroblissed

Trevor Franklin    @retroblissed