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Retro Blissed - 100 Episode Clip Show Special

It's not every day that a podcast reaches 100 episodes. Well... Technically, with the ridiculous number of podcasts currently available, there are probably a handful of shows reaching 100 episodes every day, but - how many of them can say they are hosted by two guys named Johnny and Trevor who share a love for retro video games, comedic improv and food? To mark this special occasion, I (producer Chris Chavez) have put together a little clip show that spans the 100 episodes of Retro Blissed. It's quite an achievement to put out weekly content to hit that many episodes, and the guys should be proud. Hope everyone enjoys this Clip Show Special. I know I enjoyed going back to the beginning and listening to these guys grow. Here's to 100 more!

Additional music: "8 Bit Win!" By HeatleyBros