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Episode 2 - Napoleon Bonaparte

Welcome to Retro Pop! On this podcast, hosts Matt and Johnny take you down memory lane discussing all things pop culture! They guarantee at some point they will cover a topic you’re interested in or their names aren’t Matt and Johnny. Which they are... this was already stated in the previous sentence. Thanks for letting these guys into your ears!! Wait… That didn’t sound great. Thanks for listening!

Johnny and Matt return with their bi-weekly podcast and discuss one of the most controversial, powerful and most recognized leaders of 19th century Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte. Finally getting to show off their knowledge of world history in podcast form, they dive deep into Napoleon’s history, from his upbringing on Corsica, his transfer to mainland France at the age of 9, his rise, fall, second rise, then second fall, and his death. “S’il y a un homme parmi vous qui voudrait tuer son empereur, Me voici”

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