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Love the NFL? Like to listen to a good conversation? Tune in to superfan and host, Matt Johnson, and his take on the NFL in his football talk podcast, “The 2-pt Conversation” , featuring a new fan guest every week!

In the first player spotlight on The 2-pt Conversation, Matt takes a look into one of the most heavily criticized Quarterbacks of All-Time, and one that Matt has a soft spot for in Jay Cutler. Often on the receiving end of jokes from Sportscaster’s and Armchair QB’s alike, Cutler’s career in the NFL was a roller coaster with high-highs and low-lows.

Nevertheless, Matt, amongst others, believes that Jay gets a slightly unfair reputation, and in this episode, Matt looks back on Cutler’s Career, from being Drafted to Denver, to becoming Chicago’s Best Statistical QB of All Time, to his final season in Denver. Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is for sure. “Smokin” Jay Cutler “DOOOONNNN’T CAAAAAARRREE”

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