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Episode 46 - The Sheriff

Love the NFL? Like to listen to a good conversation? Tune in to superfan and host, Matt Johnson, and his take on the NFL in his football talk podcast, “The 2-pt Conversation” , featuring a new fan guest every week!

The Quarterback Position is one of the most coveted positions in Professional Sports. Every team needs one, and it’s a process to find the right one. In 1998, the Indianapolis Colts selected one of the greatest of all time. It was highly contested, as the 1st Overall Pick was a delicate one. Ryan Leaf, or Peyton Manning? A history altering decision, but in the end, Indianapolis made the right choice.

4 AFC Championships and 2 Super Bowl Titles between 2 teams. A large number of statistical records. “The Sheriff” led a legendary career, surrounded by some of the NFL’s Finest Players. His post career accolades are well deserved. Dave Palmer returns the show to discuss the career of Peyton, as well as announcing the incredible Odell Beckham Jr. Trade to Cleveland as the show was recording.

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