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Episode 48 - We're Laughing With You, Not At You

Love the NFL? Like to listen to a good conversation? Tune in to superfan and host, Matt Johnson, and his take on the NFL in his football talk podcast, “The 2-pt Conversation” , featuring a new fan guest every week!

Heartbreak. Disappointment. Tragedy. All go hand in hand in the world of sports, especially Pro Football. Everyone can’t have a happy ending in the NFL, and some teams have had the unfortunate experience of many bad moments. Some, more than others.

Returning to The 2-pt Conversation for an episode of laughs and sad memories for every NFL Team, is Andy Garrigan, the winner of our 2018 Pre Season Pick Em Contest. The two run through every team, by division, and pick one or multiple heartbreaking moments per team, discuss them and have a laugh or two.

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