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Episode 63 - Colts Forged

Love the NFL? Like to listen to a good conversation? Tune in to superfan and host, Matt Johnson, and his take on the NFL in his football talk podcast, “The 2-pt Conversation” , featuring a new fan guest every week!

Indianapolis has turned a new leaf. The previous 3 years, as a fan, had been hard to watch, after witnessing a strong AFC and NFL presence over the last decade and a half. Under Head Coach Frank Reich, and maybe, most importantly, GM Chris Ballard, the Indianapolis Colts appear to be set up for long term success.

Joining Matt for this episode, is an old friend, and fellow Colts fan, Marquise “M80” Jackson, to discuss what it has been like to be a fan of the team over the years, their optimism for the future. Also, Matt brings back his “First Thoughts” Game for the first time since August!

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