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Episode 61 - The Art of Fitzmagic

Love the NFL? Like to listen to a good conversation? Tune in to superfan and host, Matt Johnson, and his take on the NFL in his football talk podcast, “The 2-pt Conversation” , featuring a new fan guest every week!

Ryan Fitzpatrick has had quite the NFL career. The highest of highs. The lowest of lows. Whether you like him or hate him, Ryan Fitzpatrick should be respected, as he’s done his best to stay relevant in the NFL over 14 years. A great guy, family man and all, Fitzpatrick has had some incredible moments.

For winning The 2-pt Conversation Facebook Poll Tournament for “Greatest Journeyman QB on 5+ Teams”, this episode is dedicated to “Fitzmagic”, and his journey from Harvard QB, to one of the most popular Journeymen Quarterbacks of all time.

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