Episode 7 - What If, Superiors and Classics

Comic book talk is back! Join Matt Johnson, Chris Gullo and Graig Knowlton  for a weekly "table for 3" on comic books and the culture around them! Listen in as all three give their different takes, points of view, and interests in an all new, all original podcast.

This week, Chris, Graig and Matt return to their normal format this week and review the following titles :
Superman : The Man of Steel #26(October 1993)
The Spectre #1 (December 1992)
Batman #475 The Return of Scarface Part 1(March 1992)
Archie meets Batman '66 #3(September 2018)
Superior Octopus #1(October 2018)
What If? Flash Thompson became Spiderman #1(October 2018)

Theme music by Kevin Bennet - Instagram: 8thavebeats

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