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Episode 3 - Legacies, Strange Team Ups, and Immortals

Comic book talk is back! Join Matt Johnson, Chris Gullo and Graig Knowlton  for a weekly "table for 3" on comic books and the culture around them! Listen in as all three give their different takes, points of view, and interests in an all new, all original podcast.

Join Matt, Chris, and Graig as they cover their second batch of comics, as well as comic book news, including Captain Marvel and Venom movie news, as well as a PSA, so to speak, about supporting your Local Comic Shops!

List of titles Reviewed this episode are :Marvel Super Villain Team Up #7 - Doctor Doom and Submariner - The Shroud of Death (August 1976)
Thanos Legacy #1 (September 2018)
Justice League Europe Vol 1 #34 (January 1992)
The Immortal Men #5 (August 2018)
Assault on New Olympus #1 Hercules vs Spiderman (November 2009)
Asguardians of the Galaxy #1 (September 2009)
*Fan Choice* Scott Mars - Project Superpowers Vol #1 (January 2008)

Theme music by Kevin Bennet - Instagram: 8thavebeats

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