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Episode 1 - Darkness Falls: An X-Files Podcast - Pilot

Welcome to I Will Not Start Another Podcast! This show is an outlet for the podcasters of the BICBP Network to try out the numerous ideas they have for new shows. As anyone who has ever recorded a podcast will tell you, once you’ve started a show, ideas for about thirty other ones begin to consume your every waking moments. So, this show is about featuring the first episodes of all the different ideas that spring forth from the minds behind many of the Network’s most popular podcasts!

On the inaugural episode of I Will Not Start Another Podcast, Johnny Townsend and Carter Johnson of History Creeps have decided to start Darkness Falls: An X-Files Podcast. This new show covers each episode of the sci-fi cult classic that made Fox Mulder and Dana Scully household names, and taught generation-X to ‘trust no one’. Check out the first episode of what could prove to be the Network’s next biggest hit!

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