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Episode 2 - Got Time To Bleed Hype Up - Rob Sweet Interview

Welcome to I Will Not Start Another Podcast! This show is an outlet for the podcasters of the BICBP Network to try out the numerous ideas they have for new shows. As anyone who has ever recorded a podcast will tell you, once you’ve started a show, ideas for about thirty other ones begin to consume your every waking moments. So, this show is about featuring the first episodes of all the different ideas that spring forth from the minds behind many of the Network’s most popular podcasts!

Rob Sweet has been through it all to try and get his new and upcoming podcast, Got Time To Bleed - An Action Adventure Podcast, up and running. It has been quite the battle. In this episode, and very light Pilot Episode, Matt Johnson interviews Rob about the process of starting his podcast, his struggles, and the overall concept for Got Time To Bleed!

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