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Episode 10 - Halloween Special

Comic book talk is back! Join Matt Johnson, Chris Gullo and Graig Knowlton  for a weekly "table for 3" on comic books and the culture around them! Listen in as all three give their different takes, points of view, and interests in an all new, all original podcast.

Happy Halloween everyone! Matt, Graig and Chris review the following monster themed comic books for the holiday!

Midnight Sons Unlimited #2 (July 1993)
Dracula vs Zorro 1 of 2 (October 1993)
Scooby Doo Apocalypse #2 (June 2016)
Oblivion Song #1 (March 2018)
Ghosts #22 (January 1973)
Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme #52 (April 1993)

Theme music by Kevin Bennet - Instagram: 8thavebeats

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